Monday, January 20, 2014

When you have too much to do

Family Pictures Check - One more thing off the list
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Do you ever have days when you know in your heart, or your bones, or your soul that you have way more things on your todo list than you have hours you can physically remain awake? I feel like I've been running my life in that mode for a while. There are days here and there that everything is done and I can relax. There are others when I've recorded more steps on my pedometer from running errands than from exercising.

Those run crazy days wreak havoc on my anxiety. Instead of being able to focus, my mind is concentrating on the next ten things I've got to get done. It's an interesting phenomenon, especially since it is one of my pet peeves with my kids. I feel like a broken record (does anyone even remember what that sounds like anymore) as I say, "Just eat your breakfast and stop worrying about what we are having for dinner." Or many of the other phrases that come out of my mouth on a daily, hourly, or by the minute basis, instructing someone to knuckle down to the task at hand. Given, my own lack of focus should definitely this should not surprise and bother me as much when it materializes in my own children. But I think I'm really just dealing with my own frustration with myself.

It is on those days that I feel I'm trying to claw my way out of a never ending amount of activity quicksand that I fall back on hard learned tricks to help me get through the day.

  • I make lists then focus on one thing at a time. 
  • I ask for help for the simple things that take up a lot of time
  • I learn to say no - even when I really want to go, help, and volunteer
Right now I'm working on some big projects at work. AND I have six weeks to get my book edited enough that I won't be embarrassed for my critique group to look at it. AND I'm trying really hard to exercise and eat better. AND I just agreed to help out with Jazz Reading at the school. AND I want to spend time with my family, and clean my house, and occasionally shower. 

It's overwhelming to think of everything that needs to be done at the same time. If I let all those things overpower me, I can become completely incapacitated. Even when times are hard and I think I'll break under the pressure two scriptures bring peace to my soul. I truly believe that not only will All these things give me experience and be for my good, I also know that I can go and do the things the Lord commanded, for I know the Lord will provide a way for me to do all that He has commanded. (D&C 122:7 and 1 Nephi 3:7) Today I'm going to work on being a little more kind when my children are struggling to focus, and when I take the same advice with myself, I know one by one I'll be able to get done exactly what I need to. 

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