Monday, April 7, 2014

I love General Conference!!!!

Scott and I currently serve on Sundays in the nursery. Contrary to what many may believe, I think nursery is one of the best callings in the Church. Maybe it's because I was called at a time before I was diagnosed with anxiety and started taking meds and I knew there would be no judgment by the 2 yr olds. Maybe its because every week I get to spend 2 hrs serving with my husband. Maybe it's because I love toys and snack time. But it probably has a lot to do with the little kids we get to spend every Sunday with. 

Nursery is definitely not something I would have been able to love when all my kids were small. Those days I couldn't have loved someone sitting in my lap to read 15 books, but I do now. I also get to teach important lessons about all the things Heavenly Father does because he loves us. Plus there is coloring and singing time. Seriously nothing compares to a bunch of little kids singing "I am a Child of God." or even "Old McDonald" especially when the animal noise requests change mid-verse.

As much as I love being in nursery, our class has grown from 3 to 5 to 8 to 11 to an occasional 14. Taking care of that many kids, making sure they are played with, given snacks fairly, and even just get to see the picture for the lesson can be physically draining. Often Scott and I come home from church and fall fast asleep for several hours. Another reason I couldn't have loved this calling with little kids, at least ours are now old enough to feed and entertain themselves. But then came General Conference.

It is a week to not just have church in your jammies while eating Monkey Bread, but a change to physically and spiritually. Last week Chloe, Katie, my mom, niece, sister in law, and I were able to gather together for the General Women's Meeting. Then Saturday, Zac was able to attend Priesthood session with the big boys. Each session of General Conference was not just uplifting but because the children are older I was able to listen and not pause the DVR to yell at anyone. Best of all, we made it through all of the sessions without anyone petting my face. 

Life is stressful. That isn't ever going to change. It was so nice to take a step away from health problems, money problems, and all the things on my never ending todo list and just listen. Hopefully the entire family will come away ready to be a little kinder, listen to each other a little better, and inspired to continue down the straight and narrow path. 

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